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The SEIS mission is to provide services that boost efficiency and maximize accuracy for special education record keeping. Users can access SEIS from any device with an internet connection, and the IEP forms are pre-populated with information from the Student Record. The system includes a built-in CASEMIS error check utility that alerts users of any errors that exist on the IEP during the affirm process. The system also includes a Service Tracking module that allows providers to track the delivery of services along with the option to include our Medi-Cal billing feature that pulls the delivery information from SEIS and sends directly to Medi-Cal for Interim Reimbursement.


SEIS is a web-based system that allows centralized, online access for writing IEPs, managing Special Education data, CASEMIS reporting, and service tracking.

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Seamless integration with Service Tracker for LEA Medi-Cal Interim Reimbursement making it easier than ever to document delivery of services all in one place.



Integrations eliminate the need for duplicate entries, syncs the data between your SIS and SEIS, and automatically updates data on a nightly basis.


SEIS is used by 100 SELPAs (Special Education Local Plan Areas) and over 900 School districts in the state of California. All CASEMIS and IEP information is stored centrally in the SEIS System meaning the students entire IEP history moves with them wherever they transfer within the entire SEIS Network.

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